One of the most common environmental problems that can happen to a property owner is a leaking oil tank. Thankfully, oil spills, often also referred to as leaks or releases, don’t happen very often. But when they do, they can result in unfortunate circumstances including contamination, lasting odors and damage to your own property and other properties. They may also contaminate the environment and cost thousands of dollars to clean up.

How oil tank leaks or spills occur

Most properties store heating oil in one of two ways:

  • Underground storage tanks, which are normally close by in the grounds of the home or property.
  • Above-ground storage tanks, that are most likely alongside the property, in a garage or basement.

When either of these oil tanks leak, once the fuel is released, it can seep into and through the ground or surrounding area and even into the groundwater, spreading onto neighboring properties. Oil releases can also contaminate indoor air and threaten any drinking water wells that are close by.

How MILRO Group can help with oil tank leaks or spills
You can rely on our expertise to make sure that you protect your property, investment and the environment with our range of oil tank release remediation services, providing a safe, quick, easy and affordable way to clean-up an oil tank spill and help prevent any future releases.

  • Underground and above ground leaking storage tank removals and spill cleanup
  • Emergency spill response and site investigation for both land and water-based chemicals or petroleum spills
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous fuel waste transportation and disposal including waste stream analysis, qualification of disposal or recycling services
  • State-of-the-art vacuum excavation equipment to locate sensitive underground utilities, as well as leaking underground pipelines, oil lines and underground storage tanks.
  • Anchoring systems to prevent future storm or flood related disaster for clients, as well as all major insurance companies
  • Properly abandon underground storage tanks according to regulatory agency specifications using sand, slurry and foam technology
  • Tank testing, tank cleaning, soil sampling, sludge and water removal
  • Storage tank spill containment system installations
  • Tank management services including design, permitting, repair and installation of replacement above ground storage tank or underground storage tank facilities

Most homeowner’s or property insurance doesn’t cover the cost to clean up oil releases on your property. So, if you are not protected, it’s smart to take advantage of any environmental or oil tank protection plan that may be offered by your heating oil provider. As an insurance claims specialist, MILRO Group has unparalleled expertise in working with homeowners and their insurance companies. You can rely on our team to assist with your insurance claims, coverages, paperwork and consulting with insurance companies to help remedy your situation. We also offer interest free financing on all of our services to help minimize the financial and ecological impact of an oil spill or tank leak.

Whatever your oil tank spill or cleanup needs may be, the MILRO Group can handle it with all the equipment and expertise to get the job done fast and right the first time. Contact us today for more information.

Old oil tank leaking oil in a basement